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Wild Hearted Fermentations

Wild Hearted Fermentations

Quality, patience, and passion fuel our creativity and obsession for brewing the best damn beer possible.

(802) 431-8656

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Wild Hearted Fermentations was founded on the idea that passion and resilience are all that anyone needs to create change. Craft beer has made enormous strides to help beer drinkers evolve into more sophisticated beings all around. The current push in our culture by small scale farmers and craftsman (and woman) has forced many to reconsider whether or not bigger and faster is actually better. In our opinion, much is lost along the way when something is mass produced in order to fulfill an economical gap. Our focus and hope is that we will be able to craft the highest quality beer possible, while never losing sight of our passion to remain sustainable, environmentally responsible, and to offer approachable beers that anyone can drink. We are not here to monopolize a single branch of the spectrum, but rather to harmonize and encourage the entire industry. Most importantly, we are here to celebrate beer!

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