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Ingallina's Box Lunch

Ingallina's Box Lunch

A Casual Catering Company that delivers Fresh and Delicious Food.

Seattle 206-766-9400, Portland 503-233-9400 , Los Angeles 213 413 9400

4.8 / 5.0 from 17 ratings

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Ingallina’s Box Lunch….the history of On February 4th, 1991 we began as The Metropolitan Lunch Express café located directly beneath the 5th Avenue theatre in Downtown Seattle. Our menu consisted of pizza, calzones, made to order sandwiches, homemade soups fresh daily and a variety of green and pasta salads. From the very beginning, as it is today, our concentration has always been on deliciously fresh foods, made from scratch yet quickly served and with great customer care and service. Operating on these principles the already small café soon became way too small. The line of waiting customers went out the door and down the hall! We increased our staff, added more seating and set up a ‘call in’ express line… but still we had customers waiting. Not one to give up, we started delivering our lunches. And that is when things really went crazy! Now in addition to the long line of waiting customers for seats in the café we were catering business luncheons as well. Something had to change! In 1993 we separated our café from the catering department. We set up our box lunch/catering kitchen just outside of downtown Seattle in the old Tropicana Hotel at Denny and Aurora. Ingallina’s Box Lunch, Inc had officially begun. Now, in our nearly 2500 square foot kitchen I thought we were done with space shortages. Life was looking good! We began doing what we do. That is, taking care of our customers, providing each one with fresh and delicious lunches and great customer service. And then US Coast Guard called and wanted breakfast, lunch and dinner for about 150 people for an entire month and Microsoft called and wanted 3600 boxed lunches and Alaska Airlines called and wanted 2500 lunches and the Women of Faith Organization called and wanted 1200 lunches three days in a row and OMG aaaaaAAAAAAhhhhhHHHHHHH! So, in 1996 we moved our Box Lunch Kitchen yet again. This time to 601 Aurora Avenue N where we had a nearly 5000 sq foot facility plus additional office and storage space and more parking lot than I ever imagined needing. Certainly this would be a large enough facility. Again, we got busy taking care of our customers, handling each, one by one and striving for perfection. And, again we blew the walls down and out grew 601 Aurora Ave N. In July of 2000, Ingallina’s Box Lunch, Inc. opened at 135 S Lucile St, in Seattle. At 10,000 square feet the place seemed gigantic! We designed this production facility and built it specifically for our type of catering. It was designed with the intention of not only producing the best box lunches, party platters and gift baskets in the North West but with the intention of producing completely satisfied customers from Everett to Tacoma and all points betwixt and between. We make most of our own breads and baked goods from scratch each night. We roast most of our own meats; turkey, chicken, roast beef and bacon every day. We make several of our own salad dressings. If we can make it from scratch - we do! We start every day no later than 5am preparing for your orders that day. Why? Because it is for you and you are counting on us and we know it! And though I did not think I would see the day, we are out growing this place fast! In fact, we needed to move last year. At Ingallina’s Box Lunch, Inc. we work day in and day out and around the clock to do one thing. I use to think that one thing was the production of fresh and delicious food – box lunches, party platters and gift baskets – but that is only the medium we use to produce our really valuable final product and that is – a customer so satisfied with our products and services that they continue to use our services and refer us to their friends and associates. We continue to apply our basic philosophy. With locations currently in Seattle, Portland and Los Angeles we are servicing near 4000 customers per day. We work hard to continually earn your business. Are we perfect? Not hardly, but if we do fall short one day do let us know and we will, with no qualms, make it right. By the same token we gladly accept good news and reports of your satisfaction. We look forward to serving you, Chris Ingallina

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