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Long Bridge Brewing

Long Bridge Brewing

Brewery in Planning

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Long Bridge Brewing is currently a brewery in planning, founded by Scott Cardella. Scott was born and raised on the Northshore, which sits just north of New Orleans, across a long bridge over Lake Pontchartrain. After graduating with an accounting degree from LSU, he worked as a public accountant, spending most of his days laboring over paperwork and numbers – none of which he truly enjoyed. Based in a New Orleans office that served the surrounding area, Scott spent many days on the road traveling to and from client offices. During “busy season”, when public accountants can expect to work 80+ hours a week, Scott spent countless hours commuting across the long bridge from New Orleans to his clients on the Northshore. One spring morning, Scott began his commute to another long, unfulfilling workday. During the drive, he couldn’t help but think about his recently brewed batch of beer fermenting at home. He daydreamed about how much he would enjoy being in a brewery on a morning like this – doors wide open, crisp spring air blowing, and a batch of something delicious brewing. But reality struck and reminded him that he was still crossing the long bridge. And that’s when it hit him – for months, he had been searching for the perfect name for his brews and he finally found the one that fit. In that moment, Long Bridge Brewing was born. The name fit perfectly – it served as an ode to such an iconic architectural structure in southern Louisiana, the connection between his hometown and New Orleans, the location that showed him he was meant to brew beer, and the place where he promised himself that he would one day open his own brewery.

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