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Ossie's Lunch

Ossie's Lunch

Family owned since 1957, Ossie's Lunch Ltd. has been serving its loyal customers with the best fresh seafood the Bay of Fundy has to offer.

3034 Rte 760, Saint George, NB, Canada E5C 1R6


4.7 / 5.0 from 154 ratings

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OSSIE'S LUNCH is a legend in South Western New Brunswick and well known to travellers and tourists visiting the Maritimes or going to the U.S. Ossie's Lunch is located in Bethel, just off Route 1 at exit 45 between St. George and the Saint Andrews exits. Ossie's Lunch is entering its 57th season. It's operation was launched in 1957 by Osborne Waite and Roseanna Waite. This popular seafood takeout is now owned and operated by Angela Tessier, daughter of Roseanna Waite. Roseanna is still working in the business with her daughter. Ossie's Lunch has established its reputation by serving the best quality seafood available to its customers. Despite the difficulties encountered lately in securing local supplies due to scarcity, Ossie's Lunch continues to serve nothing but fresh haddock, local Bay of Fundy scallops and clams, and fresh beef for its burgers. The pies are homemade and so are the rolls provided with the soups and chowders. Ossie's kitchen is maintained to the high quality standard of cleanliness established by its founders years ago. The restrooms are large and clean. There are two dozen picnic tables set back in the trees with plenty of parking space.

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Monday: 11:00 to 19:00

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