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Yosi Kitchen

Yosi Kitchen

We specialize in Mediterranean cuisine made from fresh and healthy ingredients. Look for Yosi Kitchen foods in your favorite grocery stores. We offer take-out services and delivery is provided by Door Dash, GrubHub and Uber Eats

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Yosi Awad was born and raised in Israel where he learned how to prepare the great Mediterranean foods he liked so much. He was taught by Middle Eastern chefs who had recipes passed down for many generations. In 1988 he emigrated to the United States where he took a job as a computer data-entry technician. During this time he began traveling to New York City to buy foods imported directly from Israel and bringing them back to his friends and family in Connecticut. There was a huge demand for traditional foods like this and he soon decided computer data entry was not what he wanted to do. He began working part-time at the Trinity College Hillel House preparing Mediterranean foods the way he learned to in Israel. Trinity opened another facility at a new location and Yosi was approached by the Director who asked if he would like to become the full time chef. He accepted immediately. As people enjoyed his tasty offerings they began approaching him to cater Bar Mitzvahs, parties and other events. He utilized the kitchens at Trinity and was catering out of his car. In 2004, with such a high demand for his catering services, he decided it was time to open his own business and began his search for his own kitchen. That's when he began Yosi Kosher Catering and moved into their new kitchen in Windsor Connecticut. In 2006 Yosi decided that certain food items were always needed at the catered events that he should sell them in a retail environment, such as a grocery store. After sampling a variety of foods, Whole Foods Market in Bishop's Corner of West Hartford expressed an interest in selling a trial run of his products but Yosi needed to develop packaging and prepare for selling in a retail environment. He hired Ian Barstow as his Head Chef and they worked closely to standardize recipes, develop packaging and meet the stringent Whole Foods Market food compliance requirements. In 2008 they launched the Yosi Kitchen food line at that first store. His products were an immediate success. Kosher food products in a retail environment are difficult to find, especially products made with such fresh ingredients. The initial products sold were Hummus, Eggplant Salad and a variety of wraps - sold in sizes for people on the go and also on the in-store salad bar. They soon added Tabouleh Salad and hand made Falafel. The Falafel was so good it was immediately offered in other stores and is to this day the biggest selling item and has pushed out other competition. Today Yosi Kitchen products is sold in 16 Whole Foods Market stores, 13 Big Y stores and many college campuses in three states, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

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