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Tavola Italiana

Tavola Italiana

Tavola Italiana, brings traditional authentIc Italian ingredients, foods and delicacies to the American Gourmand.

806 Baystar Blvd, 77598


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Over the last 2 decades and with the launch of the Food Network the art of cuisine has gone from the hallowed kitchens of upscale restaurants of New York, Miami, New Orleans, Los Angeles and Chicago (to name a few cities) to peoples homes. Imitating great chefs who now openly perform their craft on television, sharing recipes, secrets and tricks to the world, cooking aficionados add hours to their weekly grocery shopping as they find those key ingredients that according to TV Chefs, make all the difference. With a palate developing in sophistication, American Foodies, moved past spaghetti and meatballs, expanding their gastronomic horizons as they attempt to recreate classic traditional Italian dishes, pealing back regional layers from Bologna, Reggio Emilia, Parma, Rome, to Tuscany. Italian cuisine is more than pasta and pizza, though both play important roles. Italian cooking is the pairing of complex ingredients, bold and mild to make tantalizing flavors and snares the senses, and when presented for family and friends creates memories and bonds which last a lifetime. A gastronomic movement has been on the rise for the better part of two decades and a market has emerged looking to meet demand for Italian ingredients and foods to satisfy its consumers appetite for authenticity. While many good authentic brands have penetrated the market, so too have cheap imitations and forgeries. Tavola Italiana was created as a way for authentic Italian producers, certified and registered by their trade associations, to bring to your table their history, and culture to share.

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